Many commercial buildings track their energy performance through EPA’s Portfolio Manager and seek Energy Star certification for their building each year. EPA’s Energy Star certification process requires a Professional Engineer to evaluate data input into Portfolio Manager, as well as performing a building survey to document that the building is operated in a manner that does not sacrifice occupant comfort in efforts to achieve greater energy savings. PENTA’s team of Professional Engineers is ideally suited to assist our clients in achieving the Energy Star certification for their facility.


Current building codes may require certain building owners to document elevator pressurization when renovating areas of a building. Depending on the measurements, building owners may be faced with the requirements of either installing fire rated doors in elevator lobbies, or upgrading/repairing the elevator pressurization systems to maintain the proper pressures in the event of a building fire. Some of our clients have been faced with a renovation requiring the entire building being brought up to current code in regard to elevator pressurization. Installation of fire rated doors may not meet tenant expectations and is a costly endeavor. PENTA is well versed in measuring elevator pressurization and assisting our clients with design and implementation of corrective measures to achieve proper pressurization.


Barrier cables are an affordable method of providing edge protection in parking structures and PENTA can offer design/build solutions to parking garage owners and managers. PENTA’s structural engineers will analyze the structure for the proper tensioning loads and supplemental supports required when installing or replacing barrier cable systems. Our team of project managers and construction technicians are available to complete the installation and tensioning of the barrier cables.